Introduction of Facilities

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With 8 years of market experience in Halal Food Industry, we have established Halal food network throughout ASEAN countries and towards global market In addition, we have also secured strategy partnership with our esteem China Partner.


Our key mission is to expand the bilateral trade between China and ASEAN countries via Business to Business (B2B). With our B2B cloud platform, its plug and play solution enables rapid on-boarding of thousands of suppliers at a lower entry cost, and much quicker than usual traditional processes.

Beside, Gelafood Sdn Bhd  (GSB) as a JAKIM Certified Halal Gelatin Blender Specialist. We are providing extensive range which serves a wide variety of applications including food, confectionery, pharmaceutical and industrial specialties.

Our Full Range of Products & Services Portfolio is developed for variety of applications or tailored to our customers' needs. 

With our combine expertise and capabilities, these products are supported by our leading industry knowledge and experience enabling you to make the most of these products and services, be it in new product development or improving process efficiencies. 

We are providing a wide range of our services to our customers.

  1. Food & Pharma Grade Blending Gelatin Supply

  2. Halal Consultation for Local & Oversea Client

  3. OEM Food Services produce in China Plant