Gelafood Sdn Bhd provide Halal Consultation and training to our clients to obtain JAKIM Certification on their products inclusive Food, Pharmaceutical, and Cosmetic. We have enough experience to help Local & Oversea Customers to obtain licensing with NPRA notification number & JAKIM certified. 

​In 2018, Gelafood Sdn Bhd has been appointed by CCIC Korea ( China Certification & Inpection Group Korea Co., LTD) 

to assist Korea Clients to obtain Halal Certification for expanding export their products to oversea Muslim Consumers.  


The Benefits of Us 

  • Experienced and Fast responding Consultants for the application progress.

  • For making sure our clients have better understanding on Halal Standard.

  • You have optional to put your consumer products on our online sales platform.

Services Providing as per below

  1. Consultation on Halal Malaysia Standard

  2. Training, Documentation & Filing Guidelines under Halal Assurance System

  3. Premise Pre-Audit with Audit Report

  4. Monitoring Application Progress & Corrective Action Closeout 

  5. Contracted Halal Audit Executive Services